Friday, August 15, 2008

Singing in the Rain

I'm singing in the rain.
I'm singing in the rain.
What a glorious feeling, I’m biking again.
I’m singing and biking in the rain.

At the start of the day I was worried. Not only was I resuming the ride at the site of the accident (since it happened on July 4, you could say I went out with a bang), but it rained off and on all day, plus I needed to bike 86 miles to make it to the next town for camping. And although my strengthening rides went well, my longest was 60 miles. I started just west of the accident at the Smokey Bear fire risk sign. Then I biked through the area of the accident to see if I could remember any more details. I didn’t. The paved shoulder is wide and clear, with no obstacles. See for yourself.

The ride went very, very well. I think the weather was actually a gift from God. It was cool and there was very little wind. The rain was gentle and intermittent. It could have been hot with headwinds and a sun blasted and white washed terrain. Instead, the terrain was misted with dark sky enhanced beauty. Once I adjusted to riding again and the conditions, my worry lifted. It was a fun day. I had an image of angels beside my like dolphins on a bow wave.

Starting over feels a like a time warp. It’s not high summer. The season is leaning toward fall. Instead of snow melting, last night’s rain added snow to the mountains. The red wing black birds aren’t defending their territory and don’t care what I do. The black birds are beginning flock. The milk weed seed pods have formed. The wheat has been harvested. I hadn’t planned to see these changes, but they’re appropriate, even inevitable and what better choice is there but to enjoy them?

Songs to sing in the rain: Singing in the Rain. Blessed be Your Name. Pressing On. Hymns, at least the phrases and sometimes verses I remember.


Anonymous said...

So glad it went well. I am wondering what adventures await.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it went well. Looking forward to heaing about more good days ahead.

UP said...

Three questions:
1. How was the pain level during the ride?
2. How was the pain level during the night?

3. How did you feel Saturday morning?

Cal Meuzelaar said...

OK brother, I'll answer your questions. I'm taking ibuprofen which is working very well. Yesterday I had little to no bone pain during the ride, overnight and in the morning. Tonight I have more bicycling related pains (sore legs, stiff neck and shoulders) than anything related to the injury. I do have a dull ache inside my left shoulder, maybe a 3 on a 1-10 scale.

In summary, I'm very pleased with the pace of my recovery and the very limited pain I experience. Just two weeks ago my longest training ride was 26 miles.