Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rest Days

What a wonderful time for recovery. First we spent 1 ½ days in Des Moines. Now we’re completing two days at home in Pella. In Des Moines we were looked after, cared for, even pampered by Larry and Linda S. We had a wonderful visit, great meals and stimulating conversation. What more could you ask for? Well there was more. I had time to visit the Des Moines Pine Rest staff, one of the two best mental staff in Iowa and attend the clinical staff meeting. That too was very affirming and rewarding. Finally, I stopped art Bike World and had my seat post replaced. Wouldn’t you know it, a second bike computer died, fortunately just that the morning and I had it too replaced, again.

Wednesday, it was raining. I waited about two hours, gave in and drove to Pella. I didn’t want to ride in the rain primarily due to safety. To add in the miles, one option will be to decide that one of my mid tour training rides covers this leg of the trip. Another will be to complete it when the rest is done. Larry and Linda have invited us back for pasta in October. A fall Saturday bike ride from Pella to Des Moines may be wonderful.

It has been restful but active at home in Pella. A nap yesterday followed by nine hours of sleep felt great. Today I had a wonderful visit with the other greatest mental health staff in Iowa. The laundry is washed. Wedding clothes are packed. The van is washed, gassed, vacuumed and a turning signal is repaired. I have Marty’s rear wheel on my bike and it feels great. The cats have adjusted to our return.

Tomorrow we leave, first for a wedding and then to complete about 1,300 miles of the ride. I’m ready and eager to begin. What will be the theme of this third leg? The first was enjoy the beauty. The second was stay in the moment. I have no idea what theme will be next.

Blessings to all of you.


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