Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Side Trip

To avoid the worst of the wind, I was up at 5 a.m. and on the road by 6 a.m. This was partially successful as later the wind was gusting 20 – 30 mph. Even so, it was a very enjoyable ride into the east. The wind was inscrutable and capricious. Sometimes it pushed from the southwest. Sometimes it challenged from the southeast. Mostly it harassed me from the south. Even so, I was able to complete a 65 mile ride and my bike computer had the same mileage as the map.

Today’s original goal was 80 miles to a campground in the Nebraska National Forest. Yes forest. I didn’t make it due to continued problems with my rear wheel that was becoming increasingly wobbly, so I stopped in Thedford around 10:30 (CST, the time change occurred this morning) and started calling bike shops. Wayne’s Cyclery in Grand Island said they could repair it today, so off we went on a 150 mile side trip. While waiting we went to the Blue Moon Coffee house for Americano coffee and dessert.

I now have three new spoke nipples and the rear wheel has been trued. There’s one more problem. The wheel is no longer round. When I hit something it not only broke the spoke nipple, it created a very minor flat spot on the rim. It’s not serious but fixing it will require a new rim and a rebuilt wheel. I think I know when and what I hit. It was a pothole in Wyoming on the last morning out of the state. I didn’t see it due to the fog. If the ride is too bumpy, when I reach Pella I’ll change the wheel for the one Marty offered me from his rode bike.

Tonight we’re camping for free in the Thedford Municipal Park. We have water, but not bathrooms and no electricity. You get what you pay for. Once again we will be serenaded by coal trains.

The forecast tomorrow is for calmer winds; only 15-25 mph.


Anonymous said...

do you shave?

Cal Meuzelaar said...

Other than using my beard trimmer once, I haven't shaved yet. I will in a few days.