Sunday, February 24, 2008


Like Carly Simon said, "Anticipation! It's making me wait!"

It's cold outside! This morning is relatively warm at 7 degrees. And the snow. So far we've received over 50 inches. It's piled higher than my bike.

Even so, there are signs of spring. I've heard but not seen a robin sing. The sun is growing stronger and the light is lasting longer. Even when it's freezing the roads are drying. Today the temperature will pass 40 degrees. The first Iowa Cubs home baseball game is just over a month away.

Anticipation. It won't be long now. Soon spring will be here and the road cycling will begin. Meanwhile I ride my resistance trainer in the basement and imagine everything I will see on the Renewing Spirits Bicycle Tour. I'm stationary yet peddling through mountains and plains, past loons on lakes and onto the Atlantic. Now is the time for planning and preparation. The details need attention. Even so, anticipation is sustaining me. Ever since high school I've wanted to complete a transcontinental bike ride. I can wait a few more weeks.