Friday, August 1, 2008

On the Bike Again

I already know I don’t have any stabbing pains that will immediately cancel the ride. Now I’m supposed to wait another week or so and let the bones knit before I ride too much. Oh well, it was a good thought. Today I was going to go for a 6-8 mile ride but instead I went for 17 miles. It was a good ride. I’m still in reasonably good shape, so my muscles felt good. My breathing was open and comfortable. I did have tightness and pain in my shoulder blade by the time I got home. It was gone within a few minutes. I hope my shoulder doesn’t stiffen too much over night. If all goes well, I’ll probably ride the Red Rock trail tomorrow, a 26 mile round trip.


UP said...

Sometimes over doing things will lengthen the recovery time. Don't get too cocky. Also remember that while we all have heard and have repeated the saying, "Doctors don't know everything", we must remember they do know a lot more about recovery than we do.

Cal Meuzelaar said...

Yeah, nothing like words of caution from one of the least cautious, risk taking, doctor's advice ignoring people I know. How many weeks after hip surgery did you talk me into taking you out for a looong ride on my tandem? Anyway, today's ride went great. I'll write about it later.