Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goodbye Nebraska

I didn’t know east central Nebraska had hills, BIG hills. Today I used every gear on my bike. Even so, the 81 miles of fairly hard climbing had an enjoyable rhythm. Spin up a hill, push and coast down the other side. Then do it again. And again. And again. This was the pattern of the day exceptf or thirteen miles in the middle of the ride.

Today was fun because I’ve regained my strength. Today was fun because I could appreciate the climb. Today was fun because I could savor the rolling beauty of the farmland. And today was fun because tomorrow I bike into Iowa!

During RSBT One, I was apprehensive about Wyoming and Nebraska. I knew I was strong enough, but these are lovely, large, barren states with the potential for exhausting heat and headwinds. Now with RSBT Two, I had the added worries of sufficient healing, manageable pain, and regained strength. Arriving in Blair has been a huge relief and feeling of accomplishment. I’ve biked about 800 miles in 9 days, averaging just below 89 miles a day. I’ve worked to block out worries and stay in the moment. Accomplishing that has been a blessing in itself. However, having also successfully knocked off these two states feels GREAT! HALEJULIAH!

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