Friday, August 22, 2008

Just a Good Day

Not every experience or every day can be a mountain top event. Today was just a very satisfying 97 mile good day. The biking was tricky for the second half of the day as the road is narrow and there are no shoulders. In fact in many places it drops off into washouts. It’s also hilly with quick short hills and poor sight lines for drivers. For biking this meant shifting into the big chain ring going down hills and into the little chain ring for the other side. There was quite a bit of truck traffic today; grain trucks, feed trucks, fuel trucks, stock trucks and trucks hauling metal to the Lindsay center pivot irrigation plant in Lindsay. This meant I spent most of the time concentrating on riding the white line while not drifting into the traffic lane and not dropping off the edge of the road. Overall it worked out. I did my part and the drivers did theirs.

We left the sand hills completely at Albion. The fields are now all corn and beans, mostly irrigated. We passed many cattle feed lots. The population density is increasing.

I could definitely notice the flat spot on my rear wheel. I’m going to accept Marty’s offer of a loaner wheel. The new bike seat worked great. I’ll replace my cracked carbon fiber seat post in Des Moines next Wednesday.

Tonight we’re staying at the city park in the little community of Humphrey. For fifteen dollars we receive water, electricity, rest rooms…and a shower! I’ve already had mine. The water pressure wasn’t very good, but the water was hot. It was definitely better than using a hose on a spigot.

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Rae said...

I am beyond excited to see you guys here soon. I hope the trip to and through Iowa goes well and is easy. It will be common place seeing as you've biked Iowa so much. Love you. Be well.