Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dates and Duties

Choosing the original June 15 to August 15 dates for the ride was somewhat arbitrary. However, once the dates were set, other events got scheduled around them. One of them is jury duty. In June I received a summons for July jury duty. I returned the exemption form saying I would be on a bike ride and I included my brochure. My jury duty was delayed to October, not cancelled and I didn’t receive a donation for the Patient Assistance Fund.

But now that I’m resuming the ride, there is one event I don’t want to miss and which can’t be rescheduled. This is Mary’s sister’s wedding on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, August 30 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. My original plan was to bike from Wyoming to Pella, take a break for the wedding, traveling to and from Kalamazoo and resuming in Pella.

Mary had a better idea. Now the plan is to bike from Wyoming to Pella then drive to Kalamazoo for the wedding. From there we’ll complete the eastern end of the ride, from Muskegon, Michigan to Salem, Massachusetts. Then we’ll return to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and bike back completing the ride in Pella. This saves at least 900 miles of driving, two days of traveling and the ferry expense from Milwaukee to Muskegon.

The original schedule has already changed. The sequence for completing the ride doesn’t really matter. Ultimately I want to be able to say I completed a transcontinental bike ride and this will still be true.

Now I just need to be back by October for my civic duty.

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UP said...

I talked to Calvin yesterday. He was telling me about two rides he did this weekend. On both rides he was passed and then tried to keep up with the younger riders who passed him. I think I have that correct. Anyway, I am glad to hear that he still has his old competitive spirit. I think he will need to use it in order to complete the ride.

Also Calvin in reply to your comment about my earlier comment, I just want to say these words, "Pot and Kettle"