Monday, August 18, 2008

Into Nebraska

Wyoming did not let go easily. There were 22 miles of moderately dense fog. The road had a narrow and very rough shoulder. I was passed by one semi and he at me. I have an LED flasher on the back of my bike and I was to the right of the white line. I think he just wanted to show his disapproval. Many more trucks passed me later in the day and they all gave me a wide berth, which I appreciate.

When I entered Nebraska, the road side widened, the fog lifted and I was serenaded by coyotes. Plus I was able to get this picture of a spider web. The terrain has changed. We’ve moved from the west to the central plains. The sage brush is gone. In this area there is more tillable land. The crops include wheat, irrigated corn and sugar beets, sunflowers, and alfalfa, some irrigated and some not. There’s also quite a bit of land resting in summer fallow.

I was hit by two whirlwinds today. The first caught me by surprise. I wasn’t near summer fallow, where the heat usually causes the whirlwinds. My first tipoff was the two tumbleweeds twirling above my head. I was coasting down a hill at a reasonable pace. I was surprised by the force of the wind which was much stronger than a truck passing too closely. It strongly jerked my handlebars on which I had a good grip. I think it was trying to take my bike away, but I wouldn’t let go. I do learn from these incidents so I was prepared for the second whirlwind which signaled itself by the 10 -20 tumble weeds it carried. Neither whirlwind carried dust. Mary observed and I agree that these may best be called devil winds.

We took our lunch break at Fort Robinson where Crazy Horse was killed. Tonight we’re camped at the Methodist Church in Hemingford. Mary has written about both of these, so read her blog.

Today’s mileage: 98 miles.

Road kill addition: badger.

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kristi kay(your cat keeper) said...

hello Cal,
I wake up early, just to hear the birds waking up and to watch the beautiful sunrises that God supplies us with eachday. I walk about 4-5 miles and that is about all I can hack before going on with my day. I am so thankful God has kept you safe so far, and that He has given you the strength and ability to do such an amazing adventure.
I loved the beauty in the spider web, God thinks of everything!!!