Sunday, September 7, 2008

Work Day

After two days full of interest, today was an 85 mile work day. I simply biked from Port Burwell to Dunnville. There were no exceptional events. I had no observations that are worth reporting. I practiced staying in the moment to forestall wondering how much further to the camper. It was just a work day, which was quite satisfying.

Overnight Gustav dropped large amounts of rain in the area, leaving puddles along the entire route. It was still drizzling in the morning which delayed my start from 7:00 a.m. to around 8:30 a.m. Even then it was grey and drizzly until early afternoon. Over time, I was wet with perspiration inside my rain jacket and got a little chilled, so I stopped in Simco for warm McDonald’s junk food instead of my usual bagel sandwich and apple. I stood eating out by the street to catch Mary. Although I was successful, I think it would have been easier to spend a little on roaming charges and have called her instead. After warming up in the van, I set out to complete the ride. The drizzle stopped shortly thereafter and I comfortably completed the last 40 miles.

Tomorrow we arrive at the Peace Bridge on the Niagara River and cross into Buffalo, New York. Just when I’ve learned to say “Aye” and “Oot”, “We’re oot of here, aye?”


Anonymous said...

Yeah Cal - so you're gone from "Oh Canada".............back to "Oh Say Can You See" (unless you're from California of course then its "Jose"!) At any rate, glad to hear you're back in the states again, especially if you would require some medical attention, perish the thought. Again, thoroughly enjoying your daily column, except the Canadian blip for a couple days, and look forward to the end of my day when I can get the update on your day's journey. I'm already trying to figure out when you finish the trek about what to do with withdrawl from RSBT syndrome! May the prevailing winds be at your back and those darn dogs off your tail! (Knew I should a came along to ride "shotgun"!) Oh, just wondering, have you ever encountered strong enough winds to match what you and I fought going into Ames that one trip many years ago?


Cal Meuzelaar said...

You know, I'd forgotten that ride. No I haven't encountered any winds as sustained in my face like we did that day. Now that you've reminded me, I remember you got picked up the second day, and I rode the wind back to Pella. That was fun too. That ride was many years ago.