Sunday, September 7, 2008

Into Canada

While the 84 miles of terrain continue to be flat, it was an interesting day ending in Wallaceburg, Ontario. Several times clouds gathered, threatening rain and then dispersed. I think they were getting organized and weren’t yet ready to perform. The clouds are gathering again, but we’ve safely arrived at our evening’s destination, the camper is up and we’re ready for a reasonable rain. During last night’s rain I discovered there’s a pinhole puncture in the canvas over my bed which caused a slow drip on my chest. This will need to be patched.

For just the second time, I was chased by a dog with the first time being yesterday. Yesterday’s dog was a territorial terrier with an attitude. Looking neither right nor left, he crossed a busy road to tell me to move on. I don’t know how many times this will work for him but on this occasion he seemed pleased with himself. Today’s dog was a big, galumphing black lab with a big smile. He stayed on the property on his side of the road and struck up a conversation. It seemed as though he asked quite a few questions, got to the end of the property and bid farewell.

I punctured and blew my rear tire about 25 miles into the ride. I don’t know what I hit, but it had an immediate effect ripping through the Kevlar in the tread and sidewall. Clunk. Bang. Pish. Bumpa, bumpa. Mary was just leaving North Branch and met me in Yale, where I replaced the tire.

We crossed into Canada at Marine City on a small ferry. It was our minivan and camper, a car and a motorcycle, all on the port side of the ferry, which was also listing gently to port. However, they also carry semis that aren’t balanced, so the listing must be within the ferry’s tolerance level. The semi in the picture is being carried by the same ferry. The Canadian customs officer was professional with a hint of boredom. The Adventure Cycling map sends many people across the border here. Also, 100 or so Sea to Sea CRC cyclists crossed here a couple weeks ago.

Originally we had planned to stay at Port Lambton, but our lodging fell through. While checking options last night, I noticed a Christian Reformed Church in Wallaceburg, just 9 miles further. I called and got an answering machine. I looked for a pastor’s name but couldn’t find one. However, Google said there’s a Christian school in Wallaceburg. The secretary said the principal is a church elder. He said of course, so here we are. Thank you Wallaceburg CRC!

I’m looking for signs of the theme for what Mary and I are calling RSBT Part III. Part I’s theme was enjoying the beauty. Part II was staying in the moment.. I have an idea on what might be the part three theme, but it’s too soon to say.

Road kill addition: wood chuck.

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