Saturday, September 13, 2008


Again it rained overnight. It’s so nice to wake up during the night and listen to the rain, knowing that we’re warm and dry in the camper. The rain stopped by morning and I left on a 73 mile trip with wet roads and fog. There were slugs and snails on the road with a chorus of tree frogs in the background. The road conditions varied widely. Hwy 112 north to 2A was very good. Hwy 2A varied from a very nice paved shoulder to no shoulder and ruts in the asphalt. Today we transitioned out of the Berkshires and into a region with old worn out industrial communities such as Fitchburg where we’re staying tonight. It seems every town has at least one old closed brick factory for sale or lease. Many of the homes along the main roads were inexpensively built in the 20’s and 30’s. People are no longer investing in maintenance of improvements. All of this interspersed with beautiful old homes and churches, apple orchards and farm stands, stands of maple trees and evergreens, and still mill ponds reflecting the sky and trees. I think the biggest differences are no mountains and a denser population.

There’s a 40% chance of rain tomorrow. Even so, I plan to make every attempt to bike the last 63 miles to Salem and the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the convoluted roads Mary and I have mapped an indirect route. We take 2A to 110 to 225 to 62 which will take us to Beverly, MA just north of Salem. Then we’ll cross the Essex Bridge into Salem. I know I’m going to feel very satisfied. It will be a prelude to the satisfaction of completing Section IV.

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Anonymous said...

Cal, I'll commend you ahead of actually getting the official word that you completed section III - nice work! (Only wish I could be along for the ride with you and Ron to complete the finale.