Monday, September 15, 2008

Atlantic Arrival

On this ride, it seems no day is predictable, probably due to regularly entering new and unfamiliar territory. The final 66 miles of Section III from Fitchburg to Salem was no exception. The start was delayed as it rained all morning. The weather radar showed the state covered with green interspersed with large patches yellow. Eager to get going and tired of waiting we finally just left. Fortunately it was a warm rain. The traffic gave me plenty of room. I hope this was due to my fluorescent lime rain jacket and flashing LED light, but it may be they were thinking I must be crazy to be biking in a downpour. The rain stopped around noon but it remained cloudy.

Quite a few of the drain covers in Massachusetts aren’t bike safe. They’re the old kind with the metal bars parallel to the road and no cross bars to stop a bike wheel from dropping in. This meant the primary concern for the day was deciding what to do with puddles. It was difficult to see into them. Rather than take a chance, I skirted most of them. The entire ride was through suburbs. Each had it’s own character from old and rich to newer and middle class and even a marginal slum in Beverly.

Completing Section III is very satisfying but I don’t have a strong reaction. I’m eager to return to the familiar Midwest and completing Section IV on known roads with a good friend, but it will be a few days before it happens. First Mary and I will spend a day sight seeing in Salem. Then we’ll drive to Chicago to visit my brother Phil and his wife Pam. The van needs to be serviced and the camper tail lights need to be checked. Finally, we’ll pick up Ron in Wheaton area and travel to Milwaukee for the last few miles. (It’s interesting how my definition of a “few miles” has changed. The “last few miles” will be around 390 miles)

The theme for Section III has been faithfulness. “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20. Contemplating on this simple, profound statement has been comforting no matter what unpredictable situation we’ve encountered. The theme song has been Pressing On: “Well I’m pressing on to the higher calling of my Lord.”


Anonymous said...

Yeah Cal - you wild man! Enjoy the last 390 miles; it'll be great. With you in spirit.


Anonymous said...

Cal and Mary, my thoughts and prayers continue to go with you. I'm celebrating again that God allowed a way for you to continue. Blessings friends! Kathy TL

jkottley said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to hear a first hand report. Wow. You inspire me!


vicki said...

Sometimes skirting the issue is a good thing. Especially with puddles while biking:) Congrats, Cal and Mary too, on reaching the Atlantic!