Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Grand Rapids and Beyond

My typical morning ride was delayed by a delightful Pine Rest reception held at the Postma Conference Center. Included with the continental breakfast and delightful conversations was a roast by my friends and fellow clinic managers Randy J and Scott H. Thanks guys. There was a running slide show from the trip so far. I found myself telling stories associated with the pictures. Along with the blog, they will provide enduring memories.

After the reception, my brother-in-law Don V again rode with me on this 65 mile day. It was hot, sunny and flat. There were many vehicles and a mixture of road qualities. According to the Michigan DOT, all state highways have a minimum 4 foot paved shoulder. This is true, except where they’re falling off. If you’re a biker, do not ride the 15 miles on M21 from Lowell to Ionia, Michigan. Often you have a two foot shoulder, except when you don’t. I’m so thankful Don was with me as, just like yesterday, the cars were more considerate of two bicycles than they are of one.

We met our wives for dinner and then proceeded north on M66 and west on M57 to Carson City. (All these specifics are for a few family members who want more route details.) The terrain was flat farming country. As compared to the west, there are now w many structures dating from the mid 1800’s. Tonight we’re camping at the Carson City United Methodist Church. They have been wonderful hosts and we appreciate their hospitality.

Tomorrow the goal is to bike through the northern edge of Flint to North Branch, Michigan. There we will reconnect with an Adventure Cycling route that will take us through Ontario to Buffalo, New York. The states are smaller here. In these final 1,400 or so miles we will cross portions of five states and one province. In the last 1,000 miles we crossed two and a half states. I like this better. It gives the illusion of rapid progress, while I continue to travel at the same speed.

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Pastor Andy said...

Hey guys, it was good visiting with you yesterday. I'm sorry I couldn't catch up with you later, but I had an unexpected meeting and then the other meeting went long. By the time I was out it looked like you were shut down for the night.

I'll still get a post up on my blog. May God continue to bless you on this journey.