Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back in the USSA

To paraphrase the Beatles, its back in the USSA today.

It was a very nice 50 mile ride this morning on a day cut short by rain. The first 25 miles followed the Lake Eerie shoreline, which provided two lovely and one interesting picture. The second 25 miles to the Peace Bridge was on a bike trail. Mary and I decided before leaving Canada we really should stop at a Tim Horton’s coffee shop. It was good, but not as good as Smokey Row in Pella.

It started to rain just as we arrived at the Peace Bridge. Originally, I had wanted to bike another 25 miles, but a quick check of the radar told us it was going to rain most of the afternoon. We couldn’t find a place to camp, so we’re in a motel for the night.

According to Google, it will be about 474 miles from Buffalo, NY to Salem, MA. Add the 355 miles from Milwaukee to Pella and I’ve got about 830 miles left. This will be about 12 days.

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