Friday, September 12, 2008

Biking in the Berkshires

We’re now in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. The first 39 miles, out of a 73 mile total, were like yesterday. High traffic. High stress. Highway 20 out of Albany to Pittsfield, Massachusetts was the pits. First I had to walk over the Hudson River and there wasn't a biking or waling lane. Then shoulder was narrow and very rough. I used the brakes going down most hills. But after Pittsfield, Hwy 9 was beautiful and also great biking. It’s fun being back in the mountains one last time. I’ve been told the mountains in the east are shorter and steeper than those in the west. I agree they’re shorter, but I’m not certain they’re steeper. It could be I just handle them better.

Tonight we’re camping in the D.A.R. State Park. I’m not certain why the Daughter’s of the American Revolution need their own state park, but they have one. It’s so quiet compared to camping beside the interstate last night. If the rain stops as predicted, I’m looking forward to another lovely ride tomorrow. Due to lodging arrangements, tomorrow’s ride will be about 56 miles. That leaves 80 miles into Salem. There is no direct route into Salem. I’ll bike for a while and Mary will drive. Then we’ll meet and get coordinated for the next section. Depending on the hills, we may or may not make it to the Atlantic that day.

Signs to ponder:
On a grocery store: No food allowed.
On the road: Elderly crossing.
Reduced salt area. (Can roads have hypertension?)

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