Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Observations and Conversations

Today was a flat 87 mile ride from Carson City to North Branch. The seasons are slowly changing. The soy bean fields are half yellow. Some of the sumac is red. Some of the early or distressed maple trees are turning. The morning was in farm country. Now it’s mixed farms and lakes.

Signs pondered:
Reduced House for Sale.
Four Seasons Lounge: Liquor: Family Dining: Steaks – Fish – Walleye.

Mary met me for the late morning break at Montrose in grocery store parking lot. We met Gus, a bread/pastries delivery man. He asked what we were doing and struck up a conversation. He’s an Israeli, Catholic immigrant. We commiserated about mini-van problems. He offered us hot dog buns and a place to camp. Unfortunately, his home is off the route.

Tonight we met Reverend Michael and a retired parishioner, Lorraine from the North Branch United Methodist Church. We discussed church politics, polity and theology and many other topics including a hand blanket ministry for people with Alzheimer’s. We also admired a hand made deer antler purse. Reverend Michael and Lorraine are actively involved in a challenging ministry.

Now we’re in our camper in our first down pour of the entire trip. Someone said it’s due to the remnants of Gustav. I hope it clears by tomorrow. If not, I’ll bike in the rain.

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Pastor Andy said...

Hello again. I finally got a post up on my blog about your visit and wanted to let you know. It's been a busy week.

Blessings as you continue your journey.