Friday, June 6, 2008


Well I did it again. Yesterday I bonked. I know better, but it still happened. What's a bonk? A bonk occurs for a bicyclist by completely running out of energy, usually due to dehydration and depleted calories. The solution is prevention. Drink plenty of water and take energy bars or some other high calorie food with you. Of course I know this, I've bonked more than once in the past It happened again because I didn't plan carefully. I wanted to complete one last 60-80 mile ride. I had the time, so I left home with two water bottles and a power bar. Unfortunately, I was riding into a 25-35 mph wind with 85 degree temperatures and humidity. There were no gas stations or convenience stores along the route. I turned back at 30 miles and was totally exhausted with 10 miles left. I felt like a drained battery. I stopped for a rest, which helped briefly, but just like battery, I didn't carry a charge for long. After several more stops, each one happening sooner than the last, I finally made it home. After drinking several glasses of water and eating some good food, I felt fine.

Did I learn anything? Nothing new, but it was good to be reminded of an old familiar lesson.


Me said...

a lesson with spiritual applications... :)

Cal Meuzelaar said...

How true. To continue the metaphor, while riding yesterday, I was still recovering strength. Today the conditions were identical to the day I bonked, with high temperatures, winds and humity. I went for a 20 mile ride as fast I could peddle and my heart and lungs would carry me. It felt GREAT. I was stronger for having bonked.

Anonymous said...

That's familiar. Scoping out Surry Century course (Va.) I had a hard time after the first loop, 55 miles. Week before I did 80 in a group and was ready for more. Had bad wind and hot sun, and I couldnt keep HR below 145. Still experimenting what to do in first 65 so I finish last 35. My first century (60yrs old). Any suggestions?