Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Century Ride & Contrasting People

Yet another beautiful bicycling day. That makes nine in a row. James, another Transamerica bicyclist and I rode 108 miles from New Meadows to Stites. We’re camped behind the general store. Most of the ride was downhill, with one beautiful and very challenging climb on the Nez Perce trail. It was very long and I stopped several times, in part to catch my wind and in part to view the treeless beauty.

Yesterday I wrote about the solitary process of biking which is true. Then just about the time I was done we had a guest, Earl Wayne Bolton? From Kentucky? He was from the hollers of Appalachia? And he ended each sentence as though it was a question? Earl is very involved in outreach ministries. He went to the Cowboy Church on Friday night and the local Methodist Church on Sunday morning. He wanted to show us the stained glass and the food pantry, so we went for a drive. The Methodist Church was a lovely example of classic small town churches. One food pantry freezer had a large sign saying “Make No Judgments.”

While biking, I’ve seen hundreds of “Adopt a Highway” signs. Today I was bombing down the mountain and saw one that said “Adopt a Highway. Yahweh 666 Warning Assembly.” To my knowledge, most groups with names like that are premillenialists. I don’t think they typically care much for creation after the rapture occurs. Then a big gaudy pile of painted plywood flashed past on my left. It was the headquarters. I’ll post the sign it basically said Allah is Satan and Jesus it Satan, etc. Clearly this group (or probably just a person) is very opinionated and very judgmental. What a contrast to Earl Wayne Bolton who just wants to serve Jesus and help people.

There were at least four Yahweh 666 Warning Assembly Adopt a Highway signs on the road. It occurred to me the signs were simply free advertising. I hope the road side gets cleaned.

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