Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pre Ride Musings

In the book "The Right Stuff" Tom Wolfe describes the Apollo astronauts training. He said they went through so many simulations they would compare the actual event, such as the rocket lift off, to the simulations. I wonder if that's what I'll experience tomorrow. I've ridden 13 Tour's of the Mississippi River Valley (TOMRV is a great challenging two day ride.) I've ridden 5 Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. I've ridden over 2,000 miles many years. But I've never ridden up a 6% grade in the Cascade Mountains. I wonder what the back roads of Wyoming will be like.

I hope the riding will be a combination of all the best of my experience and reasonable training with all the adventure, excitement and challenge of a new unknown road. In five or six days I'll have a much better idea of the ride.

Tonight it's windy. Apparently it's windy most of the time in Florence. The temperature will be around 40. I'm only going 60 miles tomorrow, so I think I'll go the the 8:15 church service with Mary and let it warm up a little bit.


Karen B said...

I am so excited for both you and Mary. It is exciting for us to be able to read your updates! I must admit that I agree with your brother Phil; I noticed we could rely on Mary to keep us updated on the trip out. Thanks Mary!!! Happy Father's Day Cal! Continued blessings to you both.

Jeff Meuzelaar said...

thats a kick'n pic pops

John said...

Niiiice looking bike. More than I can say about the rider. But that'll change in a couple more weeks! My Rainier climb with my son was great even though we didn't summit. (Turned around @ 11,500 due to unstable snow...)

Enjoy your adventure!

John Ottley