Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Details

Mary and I leave in exactly two weeks. She has check lists. I don't. I keep mental lists. I think her method is better. I probably should adopt it. It takes an hour to drive from Pella to the Des Moines Clinic. This morning I spent the time generating a random list of details that I need to address in the next 14 days.

  • Have I thought of all the bills that need to be put on automatic funds withdrawal?

  • Don't forget the Dr's appointment tomorrow for your mild tennis elbow. The new bike has helped greatly, but it still should be examined.

  • The Des Moines Register needs to be cancelled.

  • I still need the to two guys from Newton to return my phone call and schedule an expert bike fitting.

  • The temperature was 27 degrees in Yellowstone National Park this morning! 27 degrees! I wonder what it will be in early July when I bike through. I hope the new fleece I ordered arrives tomorrow so I know it fits.

  • Don't forget to write Thank You notes for the three donations that came in yesterday.

  • Don't forget to get extra camper keys made.

  • Don't forget to confirm that the minivan hitch has the correct ball on it.

  • Remember to ask Mary to pick up a couple of your favorite Eugene Peterson devotionals from Gosselinks Christian Book Store.

  • I think I want to take a couple novels with me. What do I want to read?

Now what was it I remembered a while ago, thought I wouldn't forget and didn't write down?

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