Saturday, June 28, 2008

One Thousand Miles

My total miles through today are 1,028. This is very satisfying. I achieved today’s 110 miles the old fashioned way, I earned them. We had planned a shorter day, but I met James again on the road. His goal was to push through to Dillon. This entailed a mountain pass and two 1,200 feet climbs. I decided to do the same. It was hot. Half the day there was a headwind. There was a 48 mile stretch with no services. Most of the time I couldn’t stop because of the attack mosquitoes. For the first time I can tell you today was hard work and I’m tired.

The terrain did change through the first part of the day, changing from the high mountains to broad plains. The end of the day was cattle country. I had to stop to let a herd go past. Notice the road past the cattle. That was the beginning of my last climb for the day.

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UP said...

One thing I always wanted to do was drive from Duluth Minnesota to the Pacific Ocean. I wanted to do this driving along the most northern USA highways possible. However, that is one dream I will never be able to fulfill. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos.

I do have one complaint. Now I will have the tune of “You can bring cake and porterhouse steak but don’t bring Lolo” running through my head all day.

Keep safe and enjoy the ride.