Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dedicated to Phil

I'm dedicating this ride to my second older brother Phil. Phil has many great qualities. He's curious. He has many interests. He's an instigator. Phil has non specific neuromuscular degeneration. It's similar to ALS but slower. Professionally a computer programmer, he's now on disability fairly house bound these days. One of the most frustrating problems with the disease is extreme fatigue and boredom. He's as sharp as ever, but has no energy. Even so, he has his ways. Just today he sent an email to my extended family and friends telling them to read Mary's blog because I don't publish very often. I told him I've been busy taking care of work items such as time cards so the staff can be paid, driving and sleeping so that I would be alert. I also told him I wasn't defensive, after all, I'm a trained professional.

If you recall, Phil gave me the cash to purchase my first bike. He and I have had a few nice rides including a very nice one on my tandem. He's had some great rides with his older sons before the illness progressed.

Phil I'm dedicating this ride to you.

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UP said...

I was going to write a snappy reply to this, only I can't think of one. Enjoy the ride, be safe and Calvin remember a lot of people and I are praying for you and Mary.