Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rest Day

Yesterday I biked 68 miles into Missoula Montana completing two states, 820 miles and the first leg of this ride before taking a rest day today. After climbing Lolo Pass in the morning, it was a challenge to bike the next 40 miles. My attitude said I’d done the work and deserved my rest, but I wasn’t there yet. The days ride ended at the Adventure Cycling Association’s headquarters. This is a non profit organization whose route and maps I’ve been using. They had pictures and bikes going back 30 years. They publish the Glacier National Park biking poster I have framed in my office.

I’ve now biked 820 out of 3,800 or so miles. I’ve averaged about 75 miles a day. At this pace I’ll get 7 total rest days. I started the ride untested but humbly confident. Now I’m just humbly confident. Other than one 3 mile climb up a 10% grade, I’ve learned there should be no other climbing challenges ahead that are greater than those I’ve completed. Going forward the biggest challenges will be days with a combination of heat, humidity and headwinds. I have yet to bike in the rain, but I’ve done it before. Maintaining a positive attitude will be very important.

Last night and tonight we’re staying at a KOA. On a family vacation, we stayed here 16 years ago and I was looking forward to the facilities, but times have changed. The campground hasn’t changed much, but the city has grown around it. I walked one block to a Great Clips this morning for a hair cut. All the big box stores are on the main drive one block away. It’s such a contrast to our site from just two nights ago. Can you find the KOA sign?
Tim from Iowa Bike and Fitness wanted me to see a friend who worked at Red's Bar, which apparently is famous. Tim, I hate to tell you this, it looks like a dive. I did go in and ask. Nobody knew what I was talking about. They made the usual friendly but disparaging comments about Iowa, so I left.

The goal tomorrow is a 110 mile ride. The next day will be my highest climb up to 7,241 feet over Gibbon’s pass.


UP said...

What an accomplishment. I really enjoy the photos and the Blog.

karenb said...

up could not have said it better. ditto. Enjoy your rest.