Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unending Beauty

Today was a gradual 90 mile climb through unending beauty along the Lochsa River through one national forest after another. The first road through here wasn’t completed until 1962. The picture shows what we saw the entire day. There is little to report. I did pass the APGAR campground but I don’t know it’s score. It seemed healthy.
Tonight we're staying and the primitive but very lovely Wendover campground. Only two other sites are occupied. We left the back hatch on the van open and a very hungry chipmunk climbed in, trying to find a way into the plastic tot with our food. Mary and I chased it for quite a while as it didn't want to leave, first hiding under one of the front seates, then scurrying behind a tote. After we finally succeeded and chased it away, it hung around the tires for quite some time trying to find a way back inside.

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