Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yellowstone Rest Day

Today Mary and I toured Yellowstone looking at geysers, fumorals and mud pots. Many people were creating traffic jams while taking pictures of very lazy bison. I'll let Mary work her magic and publish a few of the pictures we took.

The rear bike tire has been replaced. I'm looking forward to riding again tomorrow when I cross the continental divide for the second and third time on this trip. I think I cross it twice more. Several people have asked when we will arrive in Des Moines and, Pella Iowa and in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I should have a good timeline in place by next Monday. Before I can give an answer, I need a few days of steady riding on the plains without any mountain passes, summits or the 7% grades that were neither a summit or a pass. Out of 16 days bicycling, all but three have had a challenging climb at the beginning, middle or end or some combination of all three.


Tim Tripp said...

It's all in the climb! Great job. You're making good time.

Tim T.

vicki vanderkwaak said...

So enjoying your blog!!!!! This bike ride across America is great! Butt doesn't hurt abit and am not the least bit tired!!!!