Friday, July 4, 2008

Please pray for Cal.

Hello everyone,

This is Cal's son, Jeff Meuzelaar. I have recently been informed that my dad (Cal Meuzelaar) has crashed and is in the hospital in Wyoming. He has broken a few ribs, clavicle, and messed up his shoulder. Thank the Lord he was wearing a helmet and it was not worse. He does not remember anything from the accident.

Please keep him in his prayers as this is a very difficult time for not only Cal, but also for his family. More than the injuries, I'm sure what hurts the most is the disappointment of now being unable to fulfill his lifelong dream. The ride is over and Cal and Mary will be returning to Pella as soon as Cal is release from the hospital.


Jeff Meuzelaar


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Anonymous said...

Cal and Mary,
This is Bill Paxton in Traverse City. You have been in our thoughts and prayers throughout the trip and I've checked the blog on more than one ocassion. Now I am so disappointed for you. When hopes and dreams are dashed, it is hard to not feel emotionally crushed. We will pray for comfort as well as restoration of body and soul. We're just thankful that physically it wasn't even worse, although we realize the recovery time will be long as it is.

I'm sure there is a story to tell of rescue and anxiety and would like to hear it when you are up to it.

We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...


Just read the blog from Jeff. Know that we just prayed and will continue praying for your recovery. Our hearts go out to you and Mary.
May the Spirits peace be upon you!

In Christ,
Tom & Susan

Mark Eastburg said...

Cal and Mary -

So sad to hear about the accident, but also relieved that Cal was not injured more seriously. I will be thinking about you and praying for a fast recovery on all levels. Looking forward to hearing more about it all.

Take good care of yourselves.

Mark Eastburg

Anonymous said...

Cal & Mary--

I just happened upon your blog tonight while perusing Trek's Madone mini-website. I'm very sorry to hear about the crash and can only imagine not only the physical pain of broken ribs, etc., but the mental anguish of not finishing such an epic ride. Considering, however, your occupational background, I suspect that while this is certainly an unfortunate setback, you'll still give it a go again when you feel up to it, even if it's not this year. You may not feel like it tonight, but you're a young guy!

Anyway, please know you're in my thoughts & prayers, and I hope your spirits are renewed with the good wishes from everyone reading your blog and following along with you. My best wishes to Mary (and I hope she did have a happy birthday, despite everything else).

--Bob Carhart
Crofton MD

Cal Meuzelaar said...

Hello Bob Carhart. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. How did a Trek mini web site lead you to my blog?

Right now I'm not even thinkig about completing the ride. I have another day in the hospital and possibly surgery to insert a drainage tube.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cal--

This is Bob Carhart again, and, first off, let me be among the many who wish you well and a speedy recovery.

As to your question, I got to your blog quite circuitously. I found the following site as a link from Trek's main site --

-- and clicked on the "Madone endorsement" link on the center-right part of that page. This takes you to a variety of entries, the topmost of which leads to your blog when you click on the "read more" link.

I can appreciate not wanting to think about riding anytime soon when you've got bigger and more immediate fish to fry at present, so take care of your health first and worry about the rest later.

--Bob Carhart
Crofton, MD