Thursday, July 3, 2008

Final Mountain Pass

I am saturated with mountains. I am satiated with mountains. I don’t think I could do justice to the beauty of another mountain. Here are two pictures from the Grand Tetons.

I also don’t want to climb to another mountain pass for quite some time. Today at the end of an 85 mile day I climbed to 9,658 feet and the Togwotee Pass. Looking back from the top, the truck warning sign said “6% grade for the next 17 miles.” This wasn’t quite true. There was a valley in the middle of the climb, but it was a lot of climbing. There was a 6% grade 6 mile drop hen we drove into the Columbia River Valley. At the time I wondered if I could complete a climb like that one. I’ve been dreading this particular climb for the last several days. I let my attitude slip by pushing 110 miles from Wendover to Dillon. That was fine, but then from Dillon to Cameron instead of enjoying the moment and stopping for some ice cream, I pushed it and my legs became tired. After a rest day and climbing two passes in Yellowstone I had planned to take another short day today and tackle the Togwotee Pass tomorrow, but then I woke up this morning and told Mary it was time for a change of attitude, enjoy the moment, and make the climb. What a sense of accomplishment. Today I felt support by prayer. Thank you everyone.

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