Tuesday, July 1, 2008

West Yellowstone

What a difference one day can make. Yesterday I biked 60 miles in three hours, today it was only 30, but I totalled 60. Headwinds that motorists don’t notice can make that much of a difference. The beauty of having our own schedule is that we can change it. According to the maps I could bike about 115 miles into Yellowstone or stay and camp on the edge. Mary and I decided to make it a short 60 mile day. We had some extra time so I put my bike in the van and we drove to Old Faithful. That was the easiest way to arrange the picture you see. While waiting for Old Faithful I examined my bike tires. I discovered the back tire had a three sided rectangular gash on the riding surface. I can peel it back and expose the Kevlar band that protects the inner tube. Needless to say I’ll be replacing the tire tomorrow.

We’re camping at the Baker’s Hole USFS camp ground. There are grizzly bear warnings everywhere. Mary hopes to see one. I plan to take tomorrow off and we will explore geyser’s and paint pots. Then it will be a short biking day to Grant Village in the park. I’ll climb a mountain on two of the next three days. From there we’ll be in the rolling hills of central and eastern Wyoming and on to Nebraska.

There was beautiful scenery again today. The water is Lake Hebgen on the west. The abandoned pioneer buildings are to the east of the Lake. I’ve also attached a picture of cattle. These are Black Angus cows and calves being sorted. The calves will now go to a feed lot. You could here both the cows and calves calling to each other. Both of my brothers and I have done the very same task while growing up and working in Kansas.

The pine trees are releasing their pollen. A gust of wind hits a tree and it’s like shaking yellow dust from a duster. Everything is covered with yellow. There was a small shower and the parking lot rivulets ran yellow. The attached picture isn’t rain or dust, its pollen.

Trout fishing is very popular right now. Men and women are in all the streams. I suppose the proper phrase is fisher persons. Mary and I decided to market a toy and call them Fisher Price Fishing Persons.

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