Monday, May 26, 2008

New Bicycle

I have a new road bike for the ride. It's a Trek Madone 5.2 Performance Fit with a triple crank. It's the most comfortable road bike I've ever ridden. Bike technology has improved considerably sinceI purchased my first single speed bike when I was 11 years old. I didn't have enough money, so my brother Phil paid the balance. It wasn't a name brand bike. The fork was a different color from the rest of the bike. It had wide chrome handle bars that would swing around in an accident, hitting your ribs leaving long red and purple bruises and sometimes a red circle from the end of the handle where the rubber hand guards had worn off and the rough steel was exposed. I loved that bike.

Since then, I've had three additional road bikes. As a college freshman I purchased an off brand Italian 10 speed, a Doniselli, with low end Campy parts and tubular tires. It was very high maintenance. In the 80's I purchased a Team Fugi. That's when I learned I sweat too much for a steel frame bike. Thirteen years ago I purchased a Merlin, which I've been riding until this week. This has been a very good bike, but quite stiff, which makes me quite stiff.

The Madone however, is just incredible. My first single speed was the only bike that absorbed road shock better. But that bike also weighed over 30 pounds. The Trek provides a very comfortable ride, yet the bike is light and responsive. The higher stem means a more relaxed, slightly upright riding position. My palms don't go numb and my neck doesn't get stiff. I've got enough gears to climb the mountains and go fast on the plains. I look forward to riding this bike because it just feels good.

Here's another unsolicited endorsement. For all your bicycling needs, contact Marty Doane at Iowa Bike & Fitness in Pella, Iowa. His phone is 641-628-1373. Marty recommended this particular bike and I purchased it sight unseen based on his recommendation. Marty graciously supplied the Trek Madone and some additional gear at cost. Thank you Marty!


Jeffrey said...

hi dad, someone is reading your blog - rest assured!

moitz said...

I'm a little jealous of your bike! I'm still rolling on my OLD Trek 330 that I had back in high school. At least I finally got clipless pedals last night.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya Cal. keep cycling and I'll try to come join you when you reach NY.