Monday, May 26, 2008

Training Update

Like I've said before, I'm not a fitness fanatic. I probably should be more self disciplined, especially in my diet. I know on the tour I'll be burning an extra 3,000 calories a day. The problem is that I eat as though this is already true. Even so, I think my training has progressed very nicely. I've followed the training protocol fairly closely and used the heart monitor. I've increased strength and endurance steadily by the week, including a four week build up followed by a rest week and building again.

The biggest stressor has been the rain, wind and cold. Yes I know there will be bad weather on the tour, but training in this stuff day after day is getting tiresome. We've just completed the Memorial Day weekend. I had planned an 80 mile ride on Saturday, but it rained in the morning, followed by 20-30 mph winds with gusts up to 40 mph. In frustration, I decided to ride into the wind on Highway 163, a divided four lane highway. What a mistake. Even though I was on the right side of the white line, there was too much traffic, often side by side passing at me 70 mph. I made it 7 miles out and raced back. I won't do that again.

Sunday was spent presenting at the First Christian Reformed Church as part of the fundraising for Pine Rest. Then I went to a graduation party, so there was only time for a 25 mile ride.

Monday began with the usual rain and wind. Finally it cleared. The day became sunny and artic high bright. I went for an 80 mile ride. It was great. The tour daily mileage goal on the tour will be 80 - 100 miles a day. Completing 80 miles and feeling decent afterward was very gratifying. I think I'm ready.

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